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All-in-one platform

Dev-kit makes it easy to deploy production-ready services without the need for third-party hosting platforms.

Easily Deploy Infrastructure and Applications

With dev-kit, you don't have to be a dev-ops genius to get a production-grade application running in AWS. Our software allows you to deploy with the click of a button.

Proven Production-grade Stack

Use the Dev-kit application library, a collection of production-grade applications and infrastructure that has been proven in production

Launch Ideas in Record Time

Our application library allows bringing your ideas into production in minutes. Save weeks of effort configuring infrastructure.

Monitoring and Alarms

Monitor environments through Amazon CloudWatch integration with pre-configured alarms and dashboards

CI/CD with CodePipeline

Automate your deployment process, ensuring that your applications and services are continuously integrated, tested, and delivered to production

Effortless Autoscaling with ECS

Leverage the power of Elastic Container Service (ECS) to automatically scale your workloads. As your needs grow, our solution dynamically adjusts, adding or removing resources based on real-time demands. This ensures optimal performance, reduced costs, and a seamless user experience, regardless of load.

Expert Support and Consulting

Get support from our team of FAANG engineers who can help you with questions, troubleshooting, best practices and maintenance.

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Deploy Applications to AWS

Dev-kit connects to your github to deploy infrastructure as code

Open Source

Templates are open source. Modify the code to your needs with infrastructure already provided.

Screenshot of devkit starter kit
Deployment logs from dev-kit

Automate Getting Infrastructure Started

Automate getting your project deployed.


Dev-kit has been a game-changer for my freelance business. As someone who bills by project, every hour counts. The one-click deployment feature alone has saved me hours of configuration time per project, translating to significant cost savings!

Freelance Developer

With dev-kit's managed MLFlow, we've found our silver bullet! The easy-to-use interface means even our junior team members can navigate through complex tasks with confidence. Safety? Absolutely uncompromised. We've experienced bulletproof security, ensuring our data's integrity at every step. And here's the big part – the scalability. If you're looking for a solution that's new, easy, safe, and scalable, look no further.

Data scientist, startup

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